SilverPlus® Antibacterial Drawstring Backpack - White Camo

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Drawstring backpack constructed from our SilverPlus® fabric for a completely odor-free sports bag. Featuring a heat-sealed zip pocket for secure small item storage and heat-wrapped drawstring tips for added durability.


The SilverPlus® Antibacterial Drawstring Backpack was designed to be an elevated version of the classic sports drawstring bag. It is constructed from our SilverPlus® Antibacterial fabric blend for a 100% odor-free sports bag. The bag is complete with a reflective heat-sealed zipper pocket for small items like phones and keys and heat-wrapped drawstring tips for added durability.



SilverPlus® Fabric

Antibacterial function + durability

Heat-Sealed Zipper Pocket

Secure small item storage

Heat-Wrap Drawstring Tips  


Reflective Pocket Details

Function + wearer safety


SilverPlus® is powered by ATB-UV+ Silver®, an antibacterial technology and proprietary fabric blend. It includes the element silver embedded in its fibers to utilize silver’s odor fighting properties. Silver releases positive ions that attach to the negative ions of bacteria, which prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria. This unique fabric structure also enhances sweat wicking and quick-dry dispersion, helping to regulate body temperature and keep you odor-free during and after training sessions.