0213. Conditioning Chest Pack

“Assuming that the user might not have a shirt on, we created a product that is non-abrasive and highly functional for conditioning in the summer months.” - Jay B.

Our Fall 2018 Collection featured the first iteration of our Chest Rig design. This product introduced the chest rig design to a workout environment for the first time. The original rig measured 8” x 12” and included a hydration pack-compatible design for carrying water on a trail run. The popularity of the product and functionality of the design sparked the inspiration for our Urban-Training® Chest Rig in the following Winter Collection. The updated rig measured 5” x 7” and was meant to hold personal items while training in an outdoor environment when leaving items on the ground is not an option. For our Summer 2019 Collection, we wanted to create a brand-new Chest Rig design that could be comfortably worn for high-intensity summer conditioning, even while training without a shirt. Given the performance demands of such a chest rig, the design process for the Summer 2019 model proved to be the most technically difficult one to date.

The most crucial aspect of this design, and thus the most difficult to finalize, was the ergonomics of the straps. We needed the straps in the front to sit just under the chest to stay securely in place while running, while also being comfortable for long periods of time and not chafing against bare skin. The straps also needed to be anchored to a back panel big enough that the pack would not move around, even during high-intensity exercises. The design evolved through five rounds of samples before it was ready for release.

The Summer Collection includes two distinct models of the design number 0213: the 0213. Conditioning Chest Rig and the 0213. Conditioning Chest Pack. The Chest Rig (available in a black or white colorway) is made from a premium nylon, while the Chest Pack is made from Cordura® Waterproof technology. The only design difference, aside from the fabric, is that the Chest Pack model features a slim mesh zipper pocket on the back panel for extra storage, while the Chest Rig model has a simple back panel with reflective print and no extra pocket.

The final product features a Fidlock® magnetic pull buckle for quick release and removal, neoprene padding on all contact points for a comfortable fit without a shirt, and multiple zippered compartments for bounce-free storage. It is the most high-performance chest rig we have created to date and just one week after release, it is already a best-seller.