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SilverPlus® is powered by ATB-UV+ Silver®, an antibacterial technology and proprietary fabric blend. It includes the element silver embedded in its fibers to utilize silver’s odor fighting properties. Silver releases positive ions that attach to the negative ions of bacteria, which prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria. This unique fabric structure also enhances sweat wicking and quick-dry dispersion, helping to regulate body temperature and keep you odor-free during and after training sessions.



Aeroheat® fabric features a hollow core that forms air pockets to provide superior heat retention and lightweight comfortability. This specialty thermal fabric also has fast-absorbent and quick-dry properties to maintain optimal moisture levels.



Hipora is a three-layer microporous membrane that blocks water from coming in but allows moisture to get out. The first layer has pores with a diameter smaller than 0.5 μm, small enough that water cannot enter but large enough that moisture can escape. The second layer is a honeycomb structure that absorbs any moisture leaving your body and holds onto it until it has left through the first layer so that you never feel the sweat on your skin. The third layer is an extremely dense layer to reinforce the shielding against water.



Our Signature Fabric is a custom blend of 85% cotton, 12% polyester, and 3% elastane. The blend contains double cotton for soft and light breathability, polyester for durability and sweat wicking, and elastane for shape retention and four-way stretch.



Supima® Cotton is the world’s finest cotton. It is twice as strong as normal cotton, resistant to pilling, and has inherently superior softness. This is due to the extra long fibers in Supima® Cotton and leads to garments that get softer as time passes.



Creora® Powerfit is a proprietary blend, combining 86% nylonpoly for its sweat-wicking and four-way stretch capabilities with 14% Creora® Elastane for its superior shape retention. This blend is specifically designed for intense athletic performance.



Merino wool is an incredibly versatile fiber that heats and cools with the body’s needs, mechanically wicks moisture from its vapor state, resists odor caused by bacteria, and dries as quickly as any synthetic fabric of equal weight. It also avoids the itch caused by other types of wool due to its finer fibers that are much more flexible on contact. These qualities make it ideal for long, intense training sessions all year round.



3M™ Thinsulate™ is an extremely thin yet powerful insulation technology. It contains extra fine microfibers that trap body heat to keep the wearer warm while also allowing for a slim profiled garment with maximum range of motion and minimum bulk. Thinsulate™ also allows moisture to escape through its fibers, making it the perfect synthetic insulator for high performance sportswear.

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